Telemedicine service attracting people

Local people approaching for treatment have crowded up at telemedicine centre in remote village after a team of doctors from Kathmandu is available here now.

Score of patients visiting the telemedicine centre has surged when the team of medicos from Health Foundation Kathmandu reached Sipkhana for on-site feasibility study of the operation of telemedicine service.

The telemedicine service which has been rendered by Dr Muni Shakya of Kathmandu in Sipkhana of Kalikot since 2067 BS saw snag due to technical constraints. Later, following its resumption on the initiative of Dr Prabhat Adhikari and Sunita Dhungana with the technological advancement, the people’s flow to receive service from the centre has abruptly gone up. Particularly, the access of folks of Sipkhana, Syuna and Mumra VDCs to health service has increased.

The locals who used to receive medical advice through internet in the past now are receiving direct service. With this, they have asked the sides concerned to ensure smooth management and operation of the service.

Gaura Luwar, a local woman, who attained the service from the telemedicine centre, said she has been without treatment for not being able to go to Surkhet for long but is feeling as if she is in Kathmandu when doctors from Kathmandu are providing service in village.

Dr Adhikari said that they have been rendering free of cost health service to people from far-flung area here.

Source: THT