Teachers stage sit-in demanding implementation of past pacts

The National General Committee of the Nepal Teachers Union on Friday staged sit-in at the District Education Offices across the country demanding amendment to the Education Act and implementation of past agreements.

The General Committee has called for forming the high level education commission and transforming the teacher service commission into a constitutional organ. The Union Chairman Keshav Niraula warned of intensifying more programmes of non-cooperation if their demands were not addressed.
As per the agreements reached between the Education Ministry and Nepal Teachers Union on October 28, 2009 and on March 15, 2012, the government had pledged to incorporate the foregoing demands in the Bill made for amendment to the Education Act.

The Ministry and Union had also agreed on giving permanent status to temporary teachers working without break since April 23, 2006 through internal competition and making arrangement for retirement fund for teachers forced to leave their jobs after failing in the competition as per the Education Act (Amended) 2028. RSS

Source: MyRepublica