Teachers‚ kids avoid toilet ‘not to anger goddess’

Bichchhayan Secondary School in remote Bichchhayan village of Bajura constructed toilets for its students as well as teachers recently. They enthusiastically used the facility for one month regularly. But, now, they left using it, reportedly for an interesting reason.

They have concluded that using toilets ‘angered’ their ‘goddess of water’!

Now, they defecate and urinate in open around the school premises.

After some girls at the school were taken ill after using the toilet, a meeting among guardians and teachers decided to padlock it.

The ill students were taken to a local shaman, who concluded that using toilet provoked anger in the goddess of water, who made the students sick in order to teach them the lesson.

Following the shaman’s suggestion, the school called a meeting among guardians, which decided not to use the facility, principal Gorakh Bahadur Bohara informed.

The school had constructed the toilet with the budget provided by the District Education Office. More than 400 students are studying at the school.

Foul smell caused due to the open urination and defecation has made it difficult for students and teachers to spend time at the school.

Bajura was declared open defecation-free in November-Devember last year.

Source: THT