Teacher pays Rs 100,000 to end extra- marital relationship

A married teacher in Mugu district has ended his extra-marital relationship with a young woman by paying Rs 100,000 in Mugu district. Kumar Bitalu, the teacher of Janajyoti Lower Secondary School in Rara VDC, and the young woman already have a daughter but he refused to provide his name to the daughter born out of wedlock.

Bitalu, 36, and the 24-year-old woman of Karkibada VDC-7 were in relationship for a long time. After she became pregnant, the locals forced the teacher to take her to his home. And when the woman gave birth to a baby girl and she wanted to register the birth at the VDC, Bitalu reportedly under pressure from his wife, refused to acknowledge the baby girl as his child. Instead, he offered the woman Rs 100,000 asking her to leave his home and live separately.

“The victim´s family has accepted the offer and she has now left Bitalu´s home,” Bir Bahadur Bam, a local of Rara VDC-1, said.

Meanwhile, the issue of birth certificate for the newborn remains unresolved.

Source: Republica