Tea shop owner finds lost radio-active material in Kalanki

A radio-active material ‘Iridium 192’, lost en route to the Capital from Chitwan, has been found in Kalanki.

Tulsi Prasad Adhikari, a tea shop owner at Kalanki, had found the material placed inside a white container on a sack on April 22, a day after it was lost.

Adhikari said that he could not inform the concerned authority as there was no contact number in the container and came to know about it after news was published on today’s Kantipur and The Kathmandu Post daily. Police has handed over the material to Swift Cargo after receiving from Adhikari.

The radio-active material, used for the treatment of cancer, was sent from Chitwan-based BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital via Flight Express Courier Pvt Ltd to Swift Cargo in the Capital. The material was on its way to Belgium to get the ‘iridium’ replaced.

The hospital had issued a notice urging the public to inform police if they found the whereabouts of the material. The material can affect a whole settlement and any person exposed to radiation can develop skin or blood cancer, and even die on the spot, the hospital had said.

Source: Ekantipur