TB patients on rise in Bajura

Number of people suffering from tuberculosis has been increasing steadily in the district of late.

According to the District Health Office (DHO), Bajura, number of people suffering from tuberculosis has doubled from the last year.

The DHO said that as many as 46 persons were found suffering from tuberculosis from July 17 to October 17 in the district.

The number may increase to 150 if the concerned authorities do not take any initiatives to control the disease, an Officer Janak Rawal at the DPHO said.

According to another officer Gyanendra Dawadi, most of the Bhote people in the district are suffering from tuberculosis as they are found exchanging impure foods to each other.

Meanwhile, the government has been organising awareness programmes and providing treatment services via District Health Office to control the disease.

People suffering from the disease are getting free treatment so far.

Source: THT