Tax waiver facility on prioritized relief materials extended till May 27

The government has identified four priority relief materials for which it will extend tax waiver facility for another 10 days.

The meeting of Central Disaster Relief Committee (CDRC) held on Sunday decided to continue tax waiver facility on medical consumables and equipments, shelter items, hygiene/sanitation materials, and food items for 10 days until May 27.

Following the devastating earthquake that rattled the country on April 25, the government had announced tax waiver facility on relief items entering the country through different customs points.
Relief materials, except those listed as ‘priority items’, will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will be deposited in the central or district warehouses, according to an official of Department of Customs (DoC).

However, no tax will be levied on relief material received in the name of CDRC.

“We have been receiving relief materials from different foreign individuals and organizations after the earthquake of April 25. So far, the government was not levying customs duty on such items,” Shishir Dhungana, director general of Department of Customs (DoC), said. “Now we have identified four priority items which will enjoy tax waiver facility.”

The government will not levy customs duty on 56 different medical consumables, 90 drugs and 73 orthopedic implants and equipments. Similarly, the government has identified eight shelter items which will enjoy tax waiver facility until May 27. These items are tarpaulins/plastic sheets/tents, mats, blankets, mobile toilets (only for schools and campuses), chargeable lamps, storage bags, and inflatable water tanks and generators (for schools and campuses).

Likewise, prioritized items under hygiene/sanitation includes household water purifiers, sanitation kits, first aid kits, aqua tabs and Piyush water purifier. Similarly, the government will not levy customs duty on food items like beaten rice, wheat flour, rice, baby food, lentils/pulses, cooking oil and milk powder sent as relief by overseas donors.

DoC officials say prioritization of relief materials will systematize the in-coming relief materials and stop traders from taking undue benefits.

Meanwhile, Dhungana hinted that tax waiver facility on relief material will not be extended after May 27. “As the entire country was in a state of emergency after the tremor, we had to announce tax waiver facility on relief materials,” Dhungana said, adding, “The facility might not be extended after May 27 as it would impact national economy in the long run.”

Saying that the country has already received sufficient relief material, he said the problem lies in distribution system only.
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