Tata Sumo fleecing passengers during festivals

Shyam Thapa, who attended the Gadhimai festival in Bara district, was compelled to pay about a double of the normal fare on a Tata Sumo while returning to Kathmandu.

The vehicles operating along Kathmandu-Hetauda route have been fleecing passengers taking the advantage of Gadhimai festival like they did during Dashain and Tihar.

“If we hesitate to pay as they demand, they will not allow us in,” said Thapa.

The normal fare for a passenger to go to Hetauda from Kathmandu on the Tata Sumo is Rs 435. But most of the vehicles forces passengers to pay as high as Rs 1,000 during such opportunities.

“It shocks,” said Thapa.

On the other hand, transport entrepreneurs operating the jeeps along the route deny the accusations.

“Actions will be taken against them who are found guilty,” assured Gokarna Parajuli, Chairman of Narayani Transport Entrepreneurs Association.

Chief of District Traffic Police Office, Deepak Raya, also said that they have not received any complaint regarding the issue. “We will take actions upon receiving the complaints,” he said.

Source: THT