Tamil Nadu govt bans Wai Wai

Tamil Nadu govt bans Wai Wai

At a time when various states of India have banned the Maggi noodles , the Indian state of Tamil Nadu has banned CGFI product Wai Wai Xpress Noodles among other three brands of noodles.

According to media reports, the Indian state also banned Reliance Select Instant Noodles and Smith and Jones Chicken Masala Noodles besides Maggi and Wai Wai for three months.

Various Indian states banned the noodles after high levels of lead content were found in samples of the noodles during lab tests. Lead is a type of heavy metal that can cause diseases related to skin and intestines if consumed beyond permissable limit.

Nepal on Thursday banned the import and distribution of the Maggi noodles . Nepal followed the suit a day after the Indian government banned Maggi sales in New Delhi stores for 15 days.

Source: eKantipur