Superstar Rajesh Hamal is engaged!

Superstar Rajesh Hamal is engaged!

In a scene straight out of a romantic film, Rajesh Hamal proposed marriage to long term girlfriend Madhu Bhattarai at Hotel Shanker in Lazimpat on Wednesday evening. The superstar of Nepali cinema and the radiant Madhu sat at a dinner table set for two where Hamal addressed the press gathered to capture this long awaited moment.

“I’m presenting her with my mother’s mementoes,” began the popular actor, before he went around the table to where his soon-to-be bride sat. He carefully placed a pearl necklace around her neck and also presented her with a ring, a pair of earrings and a bracelet.
And right on time, singer Rajesh Payal Rai serenaded the couple with a romantic song as Hamal presented Madhu with a bouquet of red roses. The couple danced as Rai crooned romantic songs to match the occasion.

Hamal had arranged everything himself, he said, “I wanted this to be special. I’ve known her for a long time and this is a very special decision for me. I’m doing this in my mother’s memory.”
Answering questions about his impending marriage, Hamal stated, “We haven’t set the date yet. We’re waiting for my sisters to arrive from the US but it will definitely be a small and private affair with only our families and relatives in attendance.”

According to the smartly dressed actor, the wedding will be a simple affair while fulfilling all the Hindu rituals. The actor did say that the reception would be on May 28.
The actor was humorous as his bride, in a blue sari and a golden blouse, was shy. While she hardly spoke, she was generous with her smiles and made a beautiful blushing fiancée. When asked about his marrying at such a late age, Hamal, 50, quipped, “Rajesh Hamal ni budo hunchha ra?”
The couple, who’ve known each other for more than a decade, first met during a function in Hyatt Regency, Boudha where the star left his visiting card with her, hoping she would give him a call. “I wasn’t sure whether she would call me but she did after a couple of days.”

Source: myrepublica