Student unions organise ‘sleep rally’

Student unions organise ‘sleep rally’

Student unions organised a ‘ sleep rally ’ in the Capital on Tuesday to pile pressure on the political parties to promulgate the new constitution in time.

The rally that began from Maitighar Mandala concluded outside Constitution Assembly (CA) building in Nayabaneshwor.

During the symbolic protest, the participants lied down on the road bearing number tags—from one to 601—in order to represent the number of Constituent Assembly members.

The participants chanted slogans stating, “Wake up CA members, it already late.”

Twelve student unions including the organiser, All Nepal National Free Students Union, the student wing of CPN-UML, took part in the rally.

The students claimed that the protest was organised in view of possible threat to the nation and democracy would be at peril if the constitution is not drafted within the time frame.

Source: eKantipur