Student organisations hold street-discussion for constitution’s timely promulgation

In order to exert pressure on the political parties to promulgate a new constitution by the stipulated date — January 22, the student organisations jointly organised a street-discussion event at Exhibition-Road in Bhrikutimandap.

Nepal Bar Association President Harikrishna Karki said there is a high chance that the constitution may not be issued by the slated time; therefore, it is imperative that constant pressure be exerted from the streets.

On the occasion, President of Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) Dr Mahendra Bista demanded that a constitution to strengthen the people’s right must be promulgated soon. Bista urged that people must be active on the streets to put pressure on concerned parties, till a new constitution is issued.

Likewise, Professionals’ Alliance for Peace and Democracy (PAPAD) President Dr Anjani Kumar Jha said the citizens must strongly pressurise the leaders of political parties, who have been hesitating to promulgate constitution on time.

Nepal Students Union, All Nepal National Free Students Union, All Nepal National Free Students Union (Revolutionary), among other student unions had participated in the event.

Artists Badri Pangeni, Shishir Yogi and comedian Shri Krishna SImkhada, through their acts had tried to bring attention of the parties to their demand of timely issuance of the constitution.

Source: Nepalnews