Stop haphazard distribution of building safety stickers: NHRC

Stop haphazard distribution of building safety stickers: NHRC

A monitoring team of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has found that the government authorities haphazardly distributed stickers after accessing the damage caused by recent earthquakes to houses and buildings in Palpa district.

Making public its report on 10 quake affected districts — Makawanpur, Nawalparasi, Parsa, Chitwan, Palpa, Lamjung, Tanahu, Kaski, Syangja and Parbat — the NHRC has drawn attention of the authorities to ensure that the stickers are properly distributed.

According to the NHRC report, the stickers given to houses at Khasyauli VDC of Palpa were found without signature of technical officers, date and government seal. “The red, yellow and green stickers should be distributed after accessing the damage. Haphazard distribution of stickers should be stopped,” stated the report.
Meanwhile, the NHRC has suggested to the government to relocate some villages of Shaktikhor and Jutpani VDCs of Chitwan district, Devchuli and Kirtipur of Nawalparasi district and ward number 5 of Deurali VDC and ward number 7 of Dharadi VDC of Palpa district.

The report has also urged the authorities to put hills near the Prithvi Highway, Siddhartha Highway and Pokhara Mustang Highway on high alert as the hills along the highways are at high risk of landslides.

Likewise, the NHRC has urged to make equipment and tools available to demolish damaged houses in Lamjung, Tanahu, Kaski, Syangja, Parbat, Palpa, Makawanpur and Nawalparasi districts.

The monitoring team also found schools at Bhoje and Chandisthan of Lamjung district, Rupakot, Chimbushwar and Khaireni of Tanahu district as well as Rapakot and Dhukuksimal VDCs of Syangja district under serious threat of landslides. The NHRC has urged the government to relocate the schools immediately.

Meanwhile, the NHRC has urged the government to take diplomatic initiatives with the China government to open entry points along the Tibet border in Gorkha district for supplying food to nine northern villages of Gorkha district. The NHRC has stated that nine villages could face food deficit as the trails leading to the villages are blocked by landslides.

Source: Myrepublica