Special Weather Forecast

Forecast for Friday(May 15):

Initially morning hours will be dry, but showers and thunderstorms are expected in the late afternoon and evening; these will be probably more widespread across Nepal than on Thursday with the possibility of some heavy thundershower/rainfall/hail accompanied with high speed wind to north and east of Kathmandu in the evening and overnight. (विहानिपख मौसम सामान्य रहे पनि विहिवारको दाजोमा शुक्रवार बेलुकि र राति देशका धेरै भुभागहरुमा मेघगर्जन सहित केहि समयको वर्षा (केहि स्थानमा असिना) हुन सक्नेछ । विषेशगरि काठमाडौ वाट उतर र पूर्बका भुभागहरुमा मेघगर्जन सहित हावाहुरि, असिना र वर्षाको सम्भावना अधिक रहेको छ ।)

Forecast for Saturday (May 16):

Thunderstorms at late afternoon may develop more widely still on Saturday across Nepal, with potential for intense rainfall, particularly in the mountainous region in northern Nepal and to the east of Kathmandu however the thunderstorm activities should become scattered, less intense and confined to the isolated areas by midnight. (शनिवार वेलुकि र राति शुक्रवार जस्तै विशेष गरि काठमाण्डौ वाट उतर र पूर्व का पहाडि भुभागहरुमा मेघगर्जन र हावाहुरि सहितको वर्षा (केहि स्थानमा असिना) हुन सक्नेछ । मेघगर्जन सहितको यस्तो मौसमी अवस्थामा शनिवार मध्यरातवाट क्रमिक सुधार आई सिमित भुभागमा मात्र रहने छ । )

Source: Government of Nepal Department of Hydrology and Meteorology