Solar bulbs installed in Pashupatinath Temple premises

Solar bulbs installed in Pashupatinath Temple premises

Some 300 solar-powered street lamp s have been installed in the various road sections around the Pashupatinath Temple.

The Pashupati Area Development Trust (PADT) installed them with the assistance of the Nepal Electricity Authority to illuminate the roads abounding the temple premises.

Although the NEA had been supplying regular power to the temple and the Ghat areas other adjacent areas used to be shrouded with darkness owing to the load shedding.

With the installation of the solar bulbs in the surrounding places of the temple as Tilganga, Pingalasthan, Gaushala, Bhimeshower Ghat, Kailash, Guheshowri are believed to dazzle in spite of the long hours of load shedding prevailing in the country, said Govinda Tondon, the member-secretary of PADT. A special kind of software will operate the solar bulb, which automatically turns on the bulbs in darkness and turn them off in the morning, shared Tondon.

The recently installed bulbs, however, will be brought into operation from Shivarattri that falls on coming 17 February.

Source: eKantipur