Snowfall affects life in Mustang, Dadeldhura, Achham

Life at Jomsom of Mustang district has been badly affected due to snowfall on Monday night.

The snowfall, piled upto three feet, coupled with rain has disrupted electricity and telephone service since Monday night.

Inspector at District Police, Mustang, Krishna Parajuli, says that even the medium of information has been disrupted. Life is quite dormant here, he adds.

“We’re also facing difficulty to exchange information”, says Prajuli, adding that none could go out of home.

According to District Agriculture Development Office, the farmers were worried due to the snowfall, as it was time to cultivate for winter crops.

Meanwhile in Dadeldhura district, normal life has been affected due to heavy snowfall in the since Monday night.

With the snowfall, vehicular movement has also been obstructed in the district. The main road sections including the Bhimdutta highway are obstructed and hundreds of vehicles and passengers have been stranded along the road sections due to snowfall.

The local administration is making maximum efforts to clear the road section.

Likewise, normal life in the higher reaches of Achham district is also affected due to snowfall since last night.

Transportation, communication and day to day activities are badly affected in the district. Ramroshan, Shantadanda, Malatikot, Mangalsen, Binayak and Kamabazaar villages in the district have witnessed heavy snowfall.

Mercury has notably fallen down in the far western region due to rainfall and snowfall for last few days.

Source: Nepalnews