Smuggling of rare wildlife body parts rampant in Okhetopahar

Smuggling of rare wildlife body parts rampant in Okhetopahar

Poaching and smuggling of parts of rare wild animals have massively gone up in Okhetopahar, which is located on the border of Kailali and Kanchanpur districts, of late.

An investigation carried out by the police revealed that Okhetopahar had become a major hub for wildlife smugglers.

Sub-inspector Birendra Johari said open border with India was the major factor behind the rise in smuggling of body parts of rare wild animals.

Police had arrested 18 persons from Dodhara, Belauri and Punarbas of Kanchanpur, Malakheti, Ghodaghodi, Pahalmanpur of Kailali, Bardiya and Surkhet for poaching and smuggling wild animals’ skins and bones last year.

Police arrested six Indian nationals and two Nepalis with the skin and bones of spotted tigers from Pahalmanpur of Kailali yesterday.

Police said that the arrestees have admitted to killing the wild animal in Bardiya National Park some one-and-a-half months ago. Police investigation further revealed that Babariya community from Hariyana, Punjab, and Rajstahan of India were involved in poaching.

Police further informed that the people from the community lived under tents near the jungle in order to kill wild jackals.

Sub-inspector Johari said that the Babariya folks kill the tigers and sell it to businessmen.

It has also been revealed that local businessmen contact hunters in Darchula, Bajhang, Humla and Lamjung districts and sell them in the international market.

Source: THT