Sindhuli villages dull in absence of youth

In the wake of increasing number of migration of hundreds of youth to either the cities or abroad for employment opportunities, economic and cultural activities in rural areas of Sindhuli district have largely been affected.

Elderly people have complained that agricultural activities and development projects have been hit hard due to manpower crunch.

On the other hand, youth are scarcely seen in any social function including wedding, bratabandha and mourning rituals.

“Earlier, there were many young people in our village,” said one Biddhiman Tamang from Netrakali VDC. “But now, the villages have worn a deserted look. We hardly find anyone to support us in the time of need.”

Tamang lamented that villages these days have only elderly, children and women as inhabitants.

To complete any task, elderly people take almost double time than that of youth, according to Tamang.

He shared that taking dead bodies to cremation cites after someone’s death has really been a tough task for them.

Chudamani Sapkota of Jalkanya VDC said that social gatherings like wedding ceremony and religious functions have been boring in absence of youth.

An elderly of Amale village, Surad Bahadur Syangtan said people in his age suffer the most as they need caregivers all the time. “But, we don’t have anyone who could provide medicine and water for us when we take ill,” he lamented.

Likewise, villagers have been facing difficulty in managing post-disaster situations after natural calamities including landslide, flood and fire. 

Hundreds of villagers above the age of 16 years from the district have been employed abroad including in India, Malaysia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and South Korea and in city areas of Nepal including the Capital.

The District Administration Office has said that around 100 people apply for passport everyday in the district. 

Source: THT