Shrawan Sombar being observed

Women of different ages thronged to Pashupatinath and various Shiva temples since early morning, on the first Monday of Shrawan , the fourth month of Nepali calendar.

Shrawan Sombar (Monday) is considered auspicious for Hindu women to offer prayer to Lord Shiva for the long and prosperous life for their husbands. Somvar is considered the best day for worshipping lord Shiva. It is believed that women vying for a good husband, fast on Monday in the lord’s name.

One of the Hindu myths associated with this month focuses on the idea of marriage. It is believed that unmarried women who wear henna (mehendi) or green bangles and worship Shiva can have an ideal husband.

With the beginning of Shrawan on Friday, the curtain has been raised off a series of Hindu festivals that are to follow this year. According to Hindu belief this month is also known as the month of festivals and is considered auspicious as it marks the beginning of Hindu festivals including Teej, Dashain and Tihar.

All images: Xinhua News Agency

News Source: eKantipur