Should all Nepali youths get military training? CA members argue in parliament

A meeting of the Constituent Assembly (CA) on Wednesday continued discussion on the report of the erstwhile CA’s committee on protection of national interest which featured the debate on military training to the youths.

The CA members, as in the last discussion, put forth the contradictory views on the military training to the youths above 18 years.

Those speaking against army training said it would create the competition of weapons; develop military craving and people will follow wrong paths. They suggested yoga and meditation rather than military training for the physical and mental development of the youths.

In addition, the youths could be provided skill-oriented and income generating training, they said.

However, the CA members speaking in favour of army training said military training to youths was necessary to protect national integrity and sovereignty. They argued that the military training does not necessarily mean taking up arms and wage wars.

More than 40 lawmakers expressed their views either in support or protest of compulsory military training in today’s meeting.

Source: Nepalnews