Senior citizens condemn government for ignoring their demand

Dissatisfied with the raise in their monthly allowance Senior Citizens’ Struggle Committee staged a protest on Friday. Senior Citizens Struggle Committee (SCSC), that has been leading the senior citizen’s protest for the last three years has had been demanding a monthly allowance of Rs 5000 instead of the meagre 500 a month. The government however increased only Rs 500 a month that too as medical allowance in the budget announced on Tuesday.

SCSC labelled increment peanut and accused the government of ignoring their demand. “The allowance is not enough for us and we also want the government to bring down the age of people eligible to enjoy allowance from 70 to 60,” said Maha Prasad Parajuli, president of SCSC.

The other demands of the SCSC are that elderly citizens be provided free medical treatment in all hospitals in the capital and 50 percent discount in public transportation.

Source: eKantipur