Self-immolation triggered by unbearable trauma

Self-immolation triggered by unbearable trauma

Perhaps Saroj Damai, 18, did not know that he will have to bid farewell to the world forever when he decided to burn himself.

He, gingerly, poured kerosene on his body for not being able to handle the fear of losing his wife, as all was not well between the two.

According to the statement recorded by his wife, Damai chose to burn himself after she warned him saying, “I will leave you if you continue drinking and beating me up every night.”

She informed that Damai used to beat her in his drunken stupor but didn´t realize that he would go to the extent of committing suicide.

However, the impulse that led Damai to opt for the most painful way of suicide still remains a mystery. Damai, who lived with his wife in Kathmandu, was admitted to Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital for treatment, but he died after four days in the course of treatment a week ago. Almost 85 percent of his body was burnt.

Case 2: As soon as Sunita Khag realized that she couldn´t handle the pressure and torture of her family to give birth to a male child anymore, she decided to commit suicide.

Sunita, who hails from Saptari, tried to immolate herself six months ago by pouring kerosene but her family found her and took her to hospital for treatment.

According to her statement recorded at Burn Victims Survivor (BVS) Nepal, the family had been putting immense pressure on her to give them a male child.

At first she didn´t admit that she attempted suicide.

Forty percent of her body is burnt and she is currently undergoing treatment at Sushma Koirala Memorial Hospital in Kathmandu.

Self-immolation is one of the most painful methods of committing suicide; still many resort to this form.

Psychologists explain that self-immolation is one of the commonest mainfestations of unbearable trauma.

Psychologist Padma Prasad Ghimire said many women choose self-immolation as kerosene is easily available at home.

“For women in the rural areas, burning is the best way of committing suicide as poison is not handy and the purchase process is complicated,” he said, adding, “And in case they survive, they can always claim that it was an accident that happened while cooking,” he added.

He even added that people often attempt suicide as a form of revenge. They feel that by setting themselves on fire they can inflict pain on those they want to hurt.

Another psychologist Minakshi Rana opines that self burning is done mainly to seek attention of family members.

“When a woman undergoes torture but has no one to share her grievances with, she commits suicide to seek attention even though she has to go through an immensely painful process,” said she. She even added that the ´poor me´ attitude often leads to commit suicide by burning self.

Reasons behind self burning
– Easy access to kerosene at home
– burning can be termed as an accident in case victims survive
– Poor me attitude
– To seek attention
– Manifestation of unbearable trauma
– A form of revenge

Source: Republica