Schools to open from Sunday‚ just to entertain kids

Educational institutions which remained closed for over a month after the destructive earthquake on April 25 and its aftermaths are opening on Sunday.

The Ministry of Education, however, has directed the schools to engage children in recreational activities only to liberate them from fear.

Spokesperson at the Ministry, Hari Lamsal, said the schools were encouraged to invite guardians of their students and assure them of safety to their children.

The schools also need to provide psychosocial counselling to the children to create atmosphere for regular classes, he added.

“Psychologically, the students are still panicking. Many schools buildings have collapsed. If the children are drawn to classes directly to resume regular study, it does not liberate fear. So, activities like sports and dances can be opted in view of the embedded fright,” he said, stressing not to tell students to bring bags and notebooks for some days.

Nearly 500 private schools are destroyed by the recent earthquakes. However, schools are resuming classes from Sunday taking alternative measures, said Lakshya Bahadur KC, Chairman of Private and Boarding Schools’ Organisation, Nepal (PABSON).

He added that the schools cannot keep the students in dark for long. Students have spent more than a month at homes.

“We are ready to continue classes by creating favourable ambience with proper counselling,” he added.

However, Chairman of the Guardians’ Association, Suprabhat Bhandari, said the Ministry could direct all schools in the quake-hit districts to make public whether the institutions are safe. But it has not been so, he complained.

He further argued that even the guardians have not been confident of sending children to school.

Source: THT