SC rules out government’s demand on verdict revision

SC rules out government’s demand on verdict revision

The Supreme Court (SC) on Sunday has officially informed the government that its verdict on the Acts relating to Commission on Enforced Disappearances (CED) and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) -2071 BS would see no chance of revision.

The apex court through the Office of the Attorney General has sent the information to government’s chief secretary Leelamani Poudyal.

The SC has ruled out registration of an application demanding revision of its verdict upholding the principle that the decision made by a joint and special bench comprising more than three justices on Friday would not be subjected to revision, said SC’s Assistant Spokesperson Baburam Dahal.

In a writ registered by a conflict survivor, a special bench comprising justice trio – Kalyan Shrestha, Baidhyanath Upadhyay and Cholendra Shumsher JB Rana – on January 28, 2015 had issued a mandamus order.

On last Thursday, Chief Secretary Poudyal had registered an application demanding revision of the verdict on the Act.

The application had stated that “Revision of the apex court decision is sought as the verdict issued against the spirit of SC-propounded principle has interfered with the principle of separation of power and the right of the legislature”.

The mandamus order, however, had rejected the provision of granting amnesty to perpetrator of the crime of serious nature and established consent from victims mandatory while going for mediation.

The decisions would be made through court and not by TRC, the order clarified.

Source: eKantipur