Safekeeping of quake-damaged objects of historical importance on at Swayambhunath

The Swayambhunath Management and Conservation Committee (SMCC) has started managing the historically important archaeological materials in the Swayambhuanth Temple that sustained damages during the April 25 quake.

The bricks, woods and few statues that were in the Anantapur, Shantipur, Pratapur and Tashi Gorma among others stupa in this World Heritage Site were shifted to the parking areas around one kilometer below the Syambhunath Temple, according to the Committee’s General Secretary, Mahendraratna Buddacharya.

The relocation of the archeological materials of the Temple was carried out with an objective to expedite the reconstruction and renovation of the stupas sustaining damages during the quake dubbed as ‘Gorkha Quake’, added Buddhacharya.

Commoners are forbidden to move around the place where the important archaeological objects are stored, Buddhacharya shared.

Since 24 houses belonging to various priests at the Temple also sustained damages due to the quake, the settlement of the priests have also been shifted below the Temple area.

The Committee has mobilized 35 laborers for the same to complete the shifting within a month.
Although the shifting of important articles, including idols, were taking place in the Swayambhunath Temple, the Temple was open for both the domestic and foreign tourists for visit. RSS

Source: Nepalnews