Ropeway Bridge over Bagmati River in Makwanpur replaced by suspension bridge

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli Sunday inaugurated a suspension bridge built over the Bagmati River at Sobhanebeshi of Gimdi VDC- 9 in Lalitpur district.

The 139 meters long and 1.5 meters wide bridge connects Sobhane with Manthali VDC-2 of Makwanpur district and its constructions cost around Rs. 8.2 million. The construction was financed by the Ministry of Local Development and assisted by the Suspension Bridge Division.

People of Shikharpur, Thigan and Manthali and of Lalitpur district will be beneficial from the bridge.

The bridge construction project was implemented as per the Prime Minister’s proclamation of replacing all the ropeway bridges, a risky way of river crossing in rural parts, with suspension bridges within two years. The ropeway bridge over the river was in place for around a decade. RSS

Source: MyRepublica