Rickshaw puller distributes clothes to cold-hit people

Rickshaw puller distributes clothes to cold-hit people

How much a rickshaw puller earns in a day? Approximately Rs. 500.

A man who is a rickshaw puller by profession is currently engaged in distributing blankets and warm clothes to the cold-hit people in a Dalit community in the district.

Kedar Prasad Timilsina (39) of Captain Tole of Chandrapur-1has drawn the attention of the government authorities by distributing warm clothes and blankets to people of the Dalit community affected from the cold wave.

Timilsina has been distributing warm clothes and blankets to the familes of Musahar community of the district.

“I am very distressed after hearing the news that many people in Tarai region died of cold and cold-induced diseases every year,” he said.

Timilsina said that he has been collecting warm clothes from people through social networking site Facebook.

“I request people to provide warm clothes to poor Dalit families on Facebook and give my cell number to them,” he said.

“Many people helped me on the site by providing clothes and blankets and I upload pictures of distributing relief materials,” he said.

Timilsina is not so good at reading and writing, but is skilled in utilising social networking sites.

He said that the government authorities distribute warm clothes and blankets only after people lost their lives from cold wave.

He further said that some NGOs distribute relief materials for the name and some leaders just for the sake of fame.

The economic condition of Timilsina is not so good, but still he is actively working on distributing clothes and blankets to the poor people.

Timilsina has been distributing clothes to the poor people of the Musahar community for the past 15 days.

He said that Laxmi Pratisthan Kendra, Kathmandu has provided him clothes through Facebook to distribute to the poor people.

Source: THT