Rhino number in Sukhaphanta up this year

Rhino number in Sukhaphanta up this year

The number of one-horned rhinos in the Sukhaphanta Wildlife Reserve of Kanchanpur district has increased by one this year, the Reserve Office confirmed.

According to Assistant Conservation Officer of the Reserve, Chandra Bahadur Chand, with this the Reserve boasts of housing eight one-horned rhinos in this sanctuary.

The Reserve had recently conducted the count of the one-horned rhino in this habitat.

Of the total eight such rhinos, three were identified as female, one male whereas the sex of the four was yet to be determined, shared Chand, adding that of them two were babies, five adults and one adolescent.

Nepal observed 2014 as the third ‘zero-poaching’ year for no one-horned rhinos was killed in the last year. The first one was in 2011.

The Nepal Army has been rendering security services to the Suklaphanta Reserve. RSS

Source: Myrepublica