Relief & reconstruction only through govt channel

Relief & reconstruction only through govt channel

The government has directed the international non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to carry out relief and reconstruction works under government’s authority or by adhering to the standards set by the government. Those carrying out self-governed assistance programmes will be brought under action.

The government resorted to one-door policy by issuing directives after the information about the distribution of relief assistance became obscure.

The Cabinet had made the decision last week to ban the NGOs from violating the government set standard. But the decision will be strictly enforced from Friday.

The government is all set to expel the organizations, found operating on their own citing humanitarian or any other reasons, from the country. Also, the government will lodge a public offence case against such organisations.

“One should consult Education Ministry for constructing schools, Health Ministry for constructing health centers and other concerned ministries to conduct any kind of related assistance,” said Madhu Marasini, chief at Division of Foreign Aid at Ministry of Finance. “Be it any of the United Nations aligned agencies or any other INGOs, everyone must follow the government criteria.”

The government took the issue seriously after there was no transparency in the billions of rupees collected for the victims of earthquake. The government has decided to inform the concerned donor agencies that the INGOs have not been able to take the relief to the victims.

Source: eKantipur