Reconstruction to begin only after mid-April

Chief Executive Officer of the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) Sushil Gyewali has said that it will take more than four months for the task of reconstruction and rehabilitation to begin in earnest at ground level in the earthquake-affected areas.

Speaking at a meeting of parliament’s Development Committee, CEO Gyewali said that the real task of reconstruction and rehabilitation can only begin after mid-April as much preparatory work needs to be finalized beforehand.

“Without actual identification of the genuine victims, distribution of relief amounts for house constructions may only create various other problems,”.said Gyewali, adding, “So, the authority first needs to carry out a detailed damage assessment and identify the genuine victims, and this may take around three months.”

“So, it is only after mid-April that the task of reconstruction and rehabilitation can really begin,” he also said.

It was not possible to formulate a national action plan for reconstruction without a detailed damage assessment report, he pointed out.

CEO Gyewali also said that NRA is making preparations to deploy around 3,000 individuals by the next three weeks in all 14 severely affected districts and other affected districts to carry out detailed damage assessment for identifying the genuine victims.

“Some 100 engineers and 100 local representatives will be mobilized in each district,” he said.

Gyewali went on to say that the reconstruction would take time as it was also necessary to train the engineers and masons so that they will be capable of constructing earthquake resilient structures.

“However, we are planning to ensure that at least some reconstruction work will have been done by April 25 in each quake-affected district,” he said.

“It is going to take some time because the masons and engineers must be trained for reconstruction work as per the new building code.”

The NRA chief said the authority has decided to launch a national reconstruction mega-campaign from January 16 till April 25 so as to impart momentum to all the preparatory work necessary for launching the reconstruction and also for generating optimism among the general public and the donor community that the work will get done as soon as possible.

“Apart from the training work, NRA also needs to establish its regional and local offices, and we plan to set up seven regional offices to launch and monitor the reconstruction work, ” he further added. “That also will take some time.”

Source: MyRepublica