Ratnapark offers free Wi-Fi to visitors

Visitors to Ratnapark can now enjoy free Wi-Fi throughout the day. The general public only has to pay an entry fee of Rs 25 and students carrying identity card Rs 15 to enjoy the free W-Fi, according to the park’s ticket collector Umesh Bhandari.

Although the free Wi-Fi facility was installed at the park last week, it is yet to be launched formally as the facility is still in the trial phase, according to Ram Sapkota, head of technology department at Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC).

The park-goers can connect to the internet using their mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

“The trial for the facility has already started, but we are still assessing our wireless network capacity,” Sapkota said.

Likewise, Harisharan KC, who looks after the Ratnapark’s management, informed that they are planning to organize the official launch of free Wi-Fi in a week or two.

“We have encountered occasional temporary technical errors and are trying to fix them with the installment of necessary equipments,” he further said.

Backed by a solar system, the free Wi-Fi facility will remain available for park dwellers even during the load-shedding hours. It will be available from 6 am to 7 pm, according to KC.

Usually people like to visit the park with friends. But now people can have a good time at the park even without friends.

Many of the park-goers are still not familiar with the facilities because the park management authority is yet to publicize and inform the public about it.

Soyana Nyacchon, one of the visitor, who was found surfing internet using the free Wi-Fi facility, told Republica, “Hours of high speed internet is available at the park at the cost of less than Rs 30. What else could we want?”

More than 400 people visit the park for recreation on a daily basis, Bhandari informed.

However, the park has yet to attract many students. With the installment of free Wi-Fi facility, the number of students visiting the park would increase, he hoped.

As per the Ratnapark management, the ticket cost will not be hiked after the formal launch of the free Wi-Fi facility.

Source: MyRepublica