Rasuwa starts relocating quake displaced people

Rasuwa starts relocating quake displaced people

Rasuwa District Disaster Management Committee (DDMC) has started relocating the families displaced by the April 25 earthquakes and its powerful aftershock on May 12.

According to the DDMC, 500 quake displaced families from Dandagaun, Thulogaun and Haku villages have been relocated to Laharepauwa VDC-1, where they have been put up in huts made of zinc sheets, tents and tarpaulin shelters. Likewise, 100 displaced families from Thuman village have been shifted to Nagthali village. Sixty households from Palep village have been relocated to Chaperchet and 90 families from Haku village have been moved to Dhunche, the district headquarters.

Seventy other displaced families are already living on a private land on lease in Dhunche while some of the earthquake victims are living on the land owned by the Langtang National Park, said Chief District Officer Shivaram Gelal.

DDRC officials said that around 40 households from Syaphru VDC-1 have been relocated to Pipalbot of Syaphru VDC-9.

Geologists have categorised Haku, Dandagaun, Charan and Bogatitar villages of Dhunche and some parts of Langtang Valley as danger zones.

They have warned people there to immediately evacuate the settlements.

Sindhum, Mundu and Kyanjin Gumba areas of Langtang have been marked safe. CDO Gelal said the current relocation of earthquake displaced families is only a temporary arrangement in order to move them away from danger zones.

The devastating Gorkha Earthquake and its aftershocks had destroyed around 8,500 houses in Rasuwa , displacing more than 2,000 people.

Source: eKantipur