Ranke-Ravi road disrupted over a month due to landslides

Landslides at various places along the Ranke-Ravi road section in Panchthar district has been disrupting the vehicular traffic since a month.

Locals from around two dozen VDCs, including Kurumba, Sarang Danda, Aamchowk among others, in the district have been hit hard the most due to the disrupted road as they have to walk for two days to reach Phidim, Panchthar district headquarters.

Krisha Bhandari, a local, said, “It has been difficult for us to travel to the district headquarters as the vehicular movement in this road-section has come to a halt for over a month now.”

It was learnt that the incidents of landslide have been reported increasingly with the incessant rain. RSS

Source: eKantipur