Rally against ‘discriminatory’ citizenship provision

Demanding equal citizenship rights for women in the new constitution, various organizations and activists organized a rally in the capital on Friday.

According to organizers of the rally, the draft constitution does not give equal citizenship rights to women. The provision related to citizenship says that only children both of whose parents have Nepali citizenship can acquire citizenship by decent. However, while foreign women marrying Nepali men can acquire naturalized citizenship immediately, men marrying Nepali women have to wait for 15 years to acquire citizenship.

Youth and professionals from different walks of life took out the rally from Babar Mahal through New Baneshwar Area.

Sapana Malla Pradhan, one of the campaigners, said the rally was a huge success as people from various walks of life participated in the rally.

“The rally was huge and participation of youth was admirable,” said Pradhan.

Pradhan also said that she would educate women in all the 240 constituencies regarding their rights. “Every woman across the country should understand why we need equal citizenship rights,” said Pradhan.

Source: Myrepublica