Rajbiraj rickshaw-pullers’ business at stake

As many as 150 rickshaw pullers in Rajbiraj, Saptari district headquarters, have said their job is at stake due to careless parking of passenger buses, vans and three-wheelers.

The rickshaw pullers have accused the vehicle operators of breaching an agreement signed between the rickshaw and other vehicle operators last year that the vehicles will be parked nearby Rajdevi Temple in Rajbiraj.

But now, they have started to park their vehicles anywhere around the municipality as well as picking the local passengers from the way, the rickshaw pullers said.

The vehicle workers’ activities have snatched the hand-to-mouth living of poor rickshaw pullers, they claimed.

Meanwhile, the rickshaw pullers have urged the Rajbiraj Municipality’s Executive Director Bishnu Prasad Gurung to ensure that they can do their businesses safely and freely.

In response, Gurung said the Municipality will discuss the issue with other vehicle entrepreneurs.

Source: THT