Quake victims hurt for having to beg for sustenan

Quake victims hurt for having to beg for sustenan

Even as most earthquake victim s remain on the lookout for relief materials while in a state of fear that another major quake could destroy their houses anytime and possibly take their lives, one Lalumaya Adhikari of Tarachok, Bhulbuhle-9 is no longer afraid of the quake.

Surprisingly enough, Adhikari, who had walked for three hours downhill to receive relief materials, is worried as to how she would be able to pay back the agencies that provided many quake victim s like her food and other relief materials.

Upon receiving the relief materials after queuing up for four hours, Adhikari was unable to keep her tears from rolling down her cheeks. She sobbed for a while.

“The fact that we had to beg for sustenance is the thing that hurts me the most,” Adhikari said. Living under a makeshift hut she and other quake victim s built using the tents they had received during the initial relief distribution, Adhikari said that they have managed to survive despite such dire conditions. She also expressed her gratitude to Nepal Police Wives’ Association, Western Committee for distributing relief materials in her area.

The Committee had distributed relief materials comprising of tent, blankets, food supplies in Simpani VDC which is located in the northern part of the district, and Bhulbhule VDC. Meanwhile, local Gautami BK of Simpani-1 asked as to how long they would have to depend on the generosity of others for their survival.

“I urge the concerned authorities to take special care of marginalized communities and Dalits during this difficult time as they are the most vulnerable,” said BK, who had walked one and a half hours to get the relief materials. “We’ve heard that financially well-off families have been given priority during rescue and relief distribution, leaving us poor and marginalised to die of hunger and lack of shelter,” BK complained.

“We carried out the relief distribution programme by coordinating with VDC Secretaries and local political parties,” said Deputy Superintendent of Police Pawan Kumar Giri, assuring that there has been no foul play during relief distribution as it would only create chaos if the relief is not distributed evenly to all the quake victim s.

The association informed that they had distributed food supplies to 115 households in Phenam, Gorkha before Lamjung.

Source: eKantipur