Public transport halted for five days in Chitwan

Public transportation has come to a complete halt in various parts of Chitwan district for the last five days due to dispute among transport committees over route permit.

After Chitwan Tempo Micro and Minibus Entrepreneurs Committee reportedly picked passengers from various road sections without acquiring route permit for those areas, seven other transport committees took to streets. The seven committees have halted transport services since December 17.

Krishna Lama, a passenger, said he was forced out of the bus he was travelling in on Saturday evening. “It had just crossed a few miles that demonstrators forced the passengers out of the bus,” said Lama.

Another bus, which had left from Narayanghad to the eastern part of Chitwan on Sunday, was also stopped and forced to return to Narayanghat.

Passengers have been facing great difficulty in Lothar and Madi of Narayanghat and several other areas of Chitwan.

“I had to visit the Bharatpur Hospital but I did not get a bus. Protestors should understand that their action directly affects people´s lives,” said Ramhari Dhakal of Thadi.

The transport blockade has been imposed by Chitwan Entrepreneur Committee, Chitwan Micro Entrepreneur Committee, Chautari Bus Entrepreneur Committee, Omshanti Transportation Committee, Nepal Transportation Committee, and Chitwan Tempo and Minibus Committee.

Meanwhile, secretary of Tempo Micro and Minibus Entrepreneur Committee Bishma Lamichhane said they should be allowed to pick passengers on the route.

“The syndicate of seven transport committees is the root cause of the problem. We are not bound by any rule to be a part of their syndicate.,” said Lamichhane.

Source: Republica