Power supply resumes in core areas of the city

Nepal Electricity Authority has resumed power supply to 80 percent of core city areas in the Kathmandu Valley by Tuesday evening.

Power supply in Kathmandu Valley as well as other affected districts was disrupted after a 6.9 Richter scale hit the country on Tuesday afternoon.

NEA officials say they could not resume power supply in Mangalbazaar, Pulchowk and Kupandol and some other pocket areas of the city. NEA had cut power supply in Mangalbazaar area of Lalitpur after a house in the locality collapsed due to the earthquake.
Damage in transmission lines, electricity poles and substations have been reported in several parts of the country. According to NEA officials, power supply to major cities outside the Kathmandu Valley, except Lamosanhgu and Dolakha, has resumed. NEA has mobilized rapid response teams to assess the damage and to repair electricity lines right after the earthquake. The team continued their work till Tuesday evening.

Ram Chandra Pandey, deputy managing director of NEA, said they have disconnected power supply to village in the outskirts of the Kathmandu Valley as well as in Kavre, Sindhupalchowk, Rasuwa and Dolakha. According to Pandey, they will resume power supply in those areas only after monitoring the affected areas and transmission lines to avoid damages.

The transmission line from Singati to Lamosanhgu has suffered significant damage due to the earthquake. Technicians will assess the line on Wednesday morning, according to NEA officials.

NEA is yet to assess damage in other areas.

Power supply was not disrupted in Tribhuwan International Airport (TIA) even during the earthquake, according to NEA.

Source: Myrepublica