Police team submits preliminary report

A Nepal Police team has submitted a preliminary report on security of judiciary staff, including judges, lawyers and clients to the full court of the Supreme Court, suggesting an overhaul in the current security system.

A five-member team of Nepal Police was formed under Additional Inspector General of Police Ganesh Raj Rai to prepare the report.

According to Shreekant Paudel, Spokesperson for the Supreme Court, the team has advised increasing the number of security staff, including bench marshals, integrated residences for justices with the provision of sentries, security personnel for former justices and personnel security officers for judges of district courts.

Currently there are 1,700 police personnel deployed for courts’ security and 78 of them are deployed at SC.

The team has advised installing CCTVs, more X-ray machines, walk through gates and equipment to scan vehicles in the SC and other courts, said Paudel.

Assistant Spokesperson Baburam Dahal said the team suggested two marshals in each bench.

SC Spokesperson Paudel said the police team also told the SC justices that security escorts should be provided to judges of SC and appellate courts when they visit other districts. The team has also suggested increase in number of security personnel if any judges felt the need for the same.

The apex court had asked the Nepal Police Headquarters to prepare a report on ways to ensure better security to judges and judicial staff.

Then sitting justice Ran Bahadur Bam was assassinated on May 31, 2012 in broad daylight while he was on his way to his office in the Supreme Court.

Nepal Police had earlier arrested four persons, including Babu Thapa who was the mastermind, involved in Bam’s assassination. The fifth member of the gang, Sanjay Ishmali Magar, who was one of the shooters, has been arrested by Saudi police in Saudi Arabia and is yet to be deported.

Justice Bam’s assassination in broad daylight had prompted the apex court and all concerned to revisit the security provisions of judges and court staff.

SC Spokesperson Paudel said the apex court would ask the government to arrange necessary budget for the security of judiciary staff once the apex court receives the final report from the Nepal Police team.


• Increasing the number of security staff, including bench marshals — two in each bench

• Integrated residences for justices with the provision of sentries

• Security personnel for former justices

• Personnel security officers for judges of district courts

• CCTVs and additional X-ray machines

• Walk through gates

• Equipment to scan vehicles at the Supreme Court and other courts

Source: THT