Police requests NTA for free SMS service in emergency hotline

Police requests NTA for free SMS service in emergency hotline

Nepal Police has requested Nepal Telecommunication Authority ( NTA ) to introduce a free SMS service in police emergency hotline 100. Till date people can call from any network in phone number 100 to report complaints at the police.

The Metropolitan Police Commissioner’s Office (MPCO) recently wrote to Nepal Police Headquarters asking it to forward the letter to NTA . The Police Headquarters has also a week back sent a letter to NTA requesting it to consider adding the new service.

Additional Inspector General of Police (AIG) Bigyan Raj Sharma, chief of MPCO said, they have been getting feedback from public urging to provide SMS service to inform the police on any crime. “There are also many circumstances when people cannot give a call at the police control room. During these unforeseen events, the SMS service will be helpful,” said AIG Sharma.

A team of IT experts from MPCO had already held meetings with the officials of NTC and NTA . AIG Sharma said the officials are positive and they had urged headquarters to make formal request.

Official from NTA however said they have not received any formal requests from Nepal Police. “The issue was once raised in a meeting. But we are yet to decide on the matter,” said Achyutananda Mishra, spokesperson of NTA .

All the phone calls in 100 and complaints from the recently launched Hamro Police application is handled by the police control room based at the MPCO. The control room handles up to 15 calls at a time, 10 from Nepal Telecom devices and five from Ncell. Fifteen personnel are on duty at any given time. Besides, the control room handles the movement of VVIP convoys and traffic in Kathmandu Valley. Also, the room scrutinises activities in public space through various Closed Circuit Cameras across the valley. The control room directs nearby police vehicle that remains tracked via GPS to be present in the crime scene.

Source: eKantipur