Police fired in self defence: DPM Gautam

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs Bamdev Gautam has said that police were compelled to fire in self defence in the incident that took place at Simraungadh-Kalaiya Road section on Saturday.

Speaking at the meeting of the Legislature-Parliament today, DPM Gautam said the government is preparing to form a committee to investigate into the case.

According to the Home Minister Gautam, Jay Naryan Patel (35) of Hariharpur died and Sah Mohammad of the same locality was injured in the incident. Sah is undergoing treatment at TU Teaching Hospital in the capital.

He further said that the families of the deceased and injured will be provided compensation after the investigation report is released.

The government is committed to maintaining peace and social harmony in the locality, Gautam added.

Locals had come out in protest calling to maintain the road section but the protest programme went beyond control and efforts were made to fire at police and vandalise the police office and vehicles, according to the Minister.

As a result, police were forced to fire after the crowd’s behaviour did not subside even after 600 cells of tear-gas and warning shot were fired, Home Minister Gautam added.

Source: THT