Police confirm arrest of CK Raut for anti-Nepal activities

Nepal Police have confirmed the arrest of CK Raut for his extreme views about sovereign territorial integrity of Nepal.

Raut, who carries different views about Nepal’s Terai-Madhes region than the mainstream Madhesi political parties, was arrested while delivering a provocative public speech in Rangeli, Morang on Saturday evening, demanding the right to disintegrate Nepal and break away the Terai portion.
Police have further black-listed some of his books as the “documents against national integrity of Nepal.”

“Raut has worked against national integrity by designing a separate flag and writing a separate national anthem for Madhes,” says Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Nawaraj Silwal, Nepal Police Chief in Eastern Region, on Sunday.

An investigation has been launched against Raut to probe so many questions against him, says Chief District Officer (CDO) in Morang district, Ganesh Raj Karki.

“We will now keep Raut for six days in custody under the Public Offence Act. Legal process will move ahead depending on how he interprets the charges against him.”

Meanwhile, a quarter of Madhesi rights activists and intellects have claimed that Raut’s arrest is illegal and therefore, he has to be released immediately.

“Our interim constitution has provided the right to peaceful expression to every citizen. Raut also did the same. His arrest is against the interim constitution,” claims Bijay Kant Karna, a Madhesi intellect. Karna, along with 24 other rights activists have issued a statement today demanding Raut’s release.

Opposition UCPN (Maoist) and some Madhesi parties have also objected to the arrest. Releasing a statement on behalf of the UCPN (M)’s Madhes Department, Ram Kumar Sharma has demanded immediate release of Raut.

Similar statements have been released by CPN Maoist’s convenor Matrika Yadav, Sadbhawana Party chair Rajendra Mahato, Nepal Sadbhawana Party chair Sarita Giri and Terai-Madhes National Campaign convenor JP Gupta.

“I cannot support the thoughts and campaign of Raut. But his arrest is illegal. Therefore, he has to be released,” Gupta says in his statement.

Sadbhawana Party spokesperson Santosh Mehta says the arrest is an intentional step of the state. “Raut’s arrest is a plot to not issue a constitution by January 22 and create conflict in Madhes,” claims Mehta.

Source: Nepalnews