Police arrested six persons over burglary

Police arrested six persons over burglary

Police on Sunday arrested Krishna Singhatan of Makawanpur and five others over burglary during post-earthquake crisis.

Singhatan was arrested with five sets of laptops and 11 cellphones. The police was investigating on burglary of Sukhedhara-based Sarita Karki’s house.

Meanwhile, Nandalal Shah (35) of Rautahat, Harendra Kumar Thakur (21) of Sarlahi, Ramjanam Shah (45) of Rautahat, Ramdhyan Ram Chamar (35) of Sarlahi and Indra Dev Chamar (21) of Sarlahi were arrested for purchasing stolen goods.

Police have arrested 68 persons in accuse of burglary–36 persons were sent to judicial custody and 32 were released after interrogation—during post-earthquake crisis.

Source: Myrepublica