Pokhara tourism entrepreneurs call to lift negative travel advisories

Pokhara tourism entrepreneurs call to lift negative travel advisories

Tourism entrepreneurs in the Lake City have asked foreign governments not to issue any negative travel advisory to discourage their citizens’ Nepal visit in the wake of devastating April 25 earthquake.

They have asked Nepali diplomatic missions abroad to take initiatives for the end.

Due to such negative advisory after the massive earthquake, they argued, flow of Chinese tourists has significantly decreased.

After the devastating earthquake, the Chinese government had asked its citizens not to visit Nepal for safety concerns.

However, six tourists including five journalists from Kunming Municipality of Yunnan Province of the northern neighbour visited Pokhara to know the reality.

At a programme organised by Pokhara Tourism Revival Committee (PTRC), tourism entrepreneurs of Pokhara requested the visiting Chinese journalists to help promote positive views about Pokhara visit after the devastating earthquake.

PTRC Vice-Coordinator Bishwo Palikhel informed that there is a good relation between Pokhara and Kunming city of China, so the media persons must help promote the visit of Pokhara for the enhancement of tourism sector rattled by the earthquake.

“After the devastating earthquake, Chinese tourists had feared to visit Pokhara, but now if the Chinese journalists spread positivity, again there will be the flow of Chinese tourists,” informed Palikhel.

The journalists also promised for promotion of positive views to attract Chinese people toward Nepal.

Entrepreneurs also emphasised for exchanging two countries’ journalists to enhance the tourism sector.

Source: THT