Pokhara alerted against dengue

Pokhara alerted against dengue

The District Public Health Office in Kaski has urged local residents in Pokhara to adopt utmost caution after it found dengue-causing mosquitoes in large number in the valley.

The mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti) which transmit dengue fever have been found at several places in Pokhara but no case of infection to humans has been reported, officials said.

According the DPHO, the entire valley has been kept at high alert due to unplanned urbanisation and high temperatures which create ideal circumstance for mosquito breeding. “As dengue cannot be cured, it is better to control the mosquitoes before they multiply,” Senior Public Health Officer Sagar Prasad Ghimire said. “We are searching for and destroying places that can be ideal breeding grounds for such mosquitoes,” he said, adding that they have also asked the Pokhara Sub-metropolis to help them with the mission.

DPHO officials organised door-to-door campaigns to teach people about the risks and destroy possible breeding areas after they found mosquitoes in Ward Numbers 5, 6, 7 and 8 of the municipality. Yam Baral, vector control inspector at the DPHO, said the larvae of aedes mosquitoes mature in a week and therefore search and destroy operation should be continued.

Dengue is prevalent in Tarai districts in the country but the disease sneaks into the city as it receives visitors from all over the world arrive in large number. Worldwide, dengue kills over 12,000 people every year.

Source: eKantipur