PM’s official twitter account hacked

PM’s official twitter account hacked

Prime Minister Sushil Koirala’s official twitter handle @ PM _Nepal has been hacked since this morning.

PM press advisor Prateek Pradhan informed that the handle was out of control.

Pradhan, in a tweet this afternoon, confirmed the hacking and tweeted that no other handles were created by the PM ’s office. “Handle @ PM _Nepal is out of control. No other account has been started from PM ’s office. Will update as soon as things are clear,” he tweeted.

The hacked had tweeted a message at 2 am this morning reading ‘BREAKING NEWS: PM Sushil Koirala’s twitter account has been hacked.’ The post was later deleted.

The account was opened 13 days ago and has over 111,500 followers.

Source: eKantipur