PM wants Late King’s properties in state coffers


Prime Minister Sushil Koirala, on Sunday, urged the Nepal Trust to unleash the hidden properties of Late King Birendra Shah, Queen Aishwarya, their son Late King Dipendra and Prince Nirajan, who were killed in a Royal Massacre on June 1, 2001.

Receiving an annual report of the Nepal Trust on Sunday morning at his official residence in Baluwatar, PM Koirala said the properties of the Late royal family have to claimed by the government. “Informants could be brought in use in order to locate those hidden properties,” he said. “The Trust will also have to develop of work plan in order to ensure proper utilization of these properties.”

On the occasion, PM Koirala also stressed on the need to invest Trust’s funds for the development of health, education, drinking water, among others.

Trust’s Chairman, Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Bamdev Gautam handed over the report to Prime Minister on the occasion.

‘Breakthrough soon’

On a different note, Koirala said the country will have a breakthrough on development prospects after the promulgation of a new constitution.

“The country is already moving on a right direction,” he said. “We will soon be getting a breakthrough.”

Stating that the promulgation of new constitution would bring political stability and peace to the nation, Koirala highlighted the interest of developed countries to invest in Nepal.

“India, China and other countries are eager to invest in our country,” he said. “But we need to institutionalise peace and political stability to create a favourable environment of investment in Nepal.”

According to him coordination between public and private sectors is necessary to lead the country towards prosperity through industrial development. “We have all that it takes to change the face of our country in just a decade,” he claimed.

Source: THT