PM stress on proper utilisation of resources

Prime Minister Sushil Koirala pointed out the need for proper utilisation of internal resources for the country’s development.

Speaking at the 33rd meeting of National Planning Commission’s National Development Problem Resolution Committee on Monday morning, he bemoaned the state of the nation despite it being abound with resources. “We have lagged notwithstanding the resources we have,” he said.

He further requested all to keep the national interests and the civil rights of people into account while utilising the national resources.

The people of Nepal presently have a chance to institutionalise and develop peace, stability and democratic values through the creation of a democratic constitution and they should use it wisely, he said.

He urged the people to work towards the future with the security and prosperity of the upcoming generation in mind.

Asserting the role monitoring mechanism plays in pacing development, Prime Minister Koirala said that a monitoring mechanism would preclude corruption and economic anomalies in national development projects. He asked development experts to follow the ideals of BP Koirala, the first democratically elected Prime Minister of Nepal and a national icon, to put farmers at the centre of development schemes, something BP had done 55 years ago, acknowledging that Nepal was predominantly an agricultural economy.

Ministers, secretaries and senior government officials had attended the meeting at the NPC.

On the occasion, NPC Vice Chairman Prof. Dr. Govinda Pokharel made a presentation on various problems regarding the development programmes pointed out by the ministries.

He briefed the meeting that only 190 out of a total of 303 development projects have completed 80 per cent of work so far.

The meeting made a decision to craft laws for the preparation of plans, amend the Public Procurement Act, and in work with NPC’s prior consent in order to enhance coordination among the ministries regarding the development projects.

Source: THT