PM ‘sad’ because of failure to draft constitution

PM ‘sad’ because of failure to draft constitution

Prime Minister Sushil Koirala has said he is saddened by the failure of political parties represented in the Constituent Assembly (CA) to promulgate the new constitution within the self-appointed date of January 22.

In his televised address to the nation on Friday, the PM expressed his sadness over the failure of CA to deliver the constitution on the slated date. He addressed from the National Planning Commission meeting this evening.

PM Koirala said the constitution drafting was obstructed due to undesired activities and demonstrations by the opposition political in collaboration with other parties outside the CA. “The parties resorted to protests rather than drafting constitution through Constitution Assembly,” he said. He added that the anarchy, vandalism and attacks insde the CA took place.

Saying that Nepal is a multi-ethnic country, PM Koirala called on everyone to not doubt the inclusive characteristic of upcoming constitution. He said the identity of all the ethnic and religious communities will be addressed in new constitution.

On different context, he said that due to the positive hints about constitution promulgation, the investment environment of Nepal has increased. He also said the foreign investors are showing their interests to invest in Nepal.

Source: eKantipur