PM Koirala to get back home in a week

Prime Minister Sushil Koirala will return in a week after the treatment of his lung cancer in Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in New York, the USA, one of his aides said on Tuesday.

“PM Koirala’s health condition has improved. His date of return will be decided either today or tomorrow,” Prakash Adhikari, the PM’s press advisor, said.

PM Koirala’s health is normal now, Adhikari said.

“The PM has completed first phase of treatment receiving five fractions of radio therapy. He will revisit the hospital on a follow up after three months,” Adhikari said, quoting the PM’s accompanying doctor, Kabir Nath Yogi.

Earlier, Dr Yogi said the therapy yielded excellent clinical as well as radiological results and that the PM would be able to return to Nepal in about a week’s recovery time.

PM Koirala was flown to the Cancer Centre on June 16 following diagnosis of a suspicious spot on one of his lungs by his Nepali doctors’ team led by Dr Yogi.

Source: Nepalnews